Renting a boat in the Greek islands - Booking Procedures

1) Availability and steps in booking a sail boat

Step 1

Pick your travel period and LIVE the thrill of a sailing the Greek islands vacation.

Step 2

Check availability. Contact us by email or by phone  to check if your preferred dates are available.

Also please feel free to ask us questions about the sailing holiday and aspects of the trip that are important to you.

Step 3

In less than 24 hours we will reply with details and availability for the dates you want. If the boat is already booked we can suggest the closest period available.

Step 4

Once you confirm you want to proceed with the booking,  we will place a complimentary hold on your intended dates  and forward you the charter contract. The temporary booking placed for the dates is typically for a few days from the contract date.

This will allow you time to read the charter contract, make travel arrangements. If everything is OK, confirm your booking with an initial payment of usually 50% or 35% of the charter rate.

However up to this point there are no obligations . If for any reason, your plans change and no longer want to sail on board “Vitamin Sea” you simply don’t make the deposit. In this case, the complimentary hold expires. There are no strings attached!

Step 5

Once we receive the initial payment we will forward you the payment confirmation. Also a list with useful things you will probably want to bring along. Also we will forward you a detailed information on where to find the boat and everything you need to know before your arrival.

2) Payment

Initial payment: A payment of 50% ( or 35% ) of the charter amount is due for the next days in order to confirm your booking. Payment can be done by

Final payment : you can pay the remaining balance of the charter rate any time convenient at least 20 days before the sail date.


3) PayPal Payments


Payments in Euro €

PayPal Payment:

Note: For payments done through Paypal online method, the system charges a 4-5.5% transfer fee that we must pass on. The charterer is responsible to cover the above PayPal/credit card transfer fee in cash on board.

You can check the exact percentage at PayPal website.
After you will complete the payment, we will forward you the Paypal transaction details so you can see the fee yourself.

  1. In order to make the payment please click the PayNow button
    – This will direct you to the SailTime Charters merchant Page.
  2. In order to complete the payment you have to enter the amount in the Price per Item field and click bellow Continue button.
    After the continue you can do either of the following:A) If you don’t have a PayPal account:
    Press the button ” Create an Account “. Fill in your details in the form and press ” Pay Now “.B) If you have a PayPal account:
    Log in to your PayPal account to make the payment (upper right).
  • In either case please provide the usual payment information as shown/requested to complete the transaction.
    Initial payment done and sailing holiday BOOKED!!  
    Many thanks and looking forward to seeing you on board!

4) MyPOS Credit Card Payments

If you would like to pay for your sailing holiday with your credit card, please let us know.  We will forward you via email a payment request.

Note: For payments made by credit card (VISA, MasterCard or JCB accepted) through MyPOS online method, the charterer is responsible to cover the amount charged by MyPOS as a transfer fee according to the credit card’s issuing country).

After the payment is processed, we will forward you the transaction details so you can see the fee yourself.

5) Cancellation / date change

If you need to cancel your booking or change the dates, please contact us by email.

The cancellation fees are based on the period of time between the date of cancellation and the departure date:

Any change of dates is treated as a cancellation and subject to the charges above. This is because the have to keep the boat as unavailable for other groups who asked the same dates.

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