Your sailing holidays in the Cyclades with skipper. Rent a boat in Greece with captain.

The best way to rent a boat in Greece with captain is with sailing yacht "Vitamin Sea"! Start in the heart of the Cyclades (Paros or Mykonos) and you understand why people say sailing in Greece is the trip of a lifetime!

Greek islands with skipper in the cyclades

Whether this is your first time chartering a sailboat and you're looking to get your sea legs or you're an experienced seaman, sailing the Greek islands is the trip of a lifetime. The rich history, delicious cuisine, traditional fishing villages, unspoiled bays, make Greece and its hundreds of islands is the ideal destination for your next sailing vacation.

Discover the absolute freedom of sailing the Cyclades and explore the Greek islands differently... on board "Vitamin Sea" sailboat. Are you ready to sail your dream?

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yacht charter with skipper Cyclades Greek islands

Vitamin Sea sailboat is a limited edition Alfa model 51.

Her interior layout is designed for maximum comfort: a spacious saloon (equipped with fridge, kitchenette and fully equipped galley) and 10 guest berths: 2 double cabins, 2 triple and each with EN-SUITE toilet(hot-cold shower and electric toilets).


sailing with skipper in the cyclades greek islands

SailTime Charters aims to offer the best sailing week where you can explore, relax and enjoy a worry-free holiday.

No Hidden Charges
Our guests beneficiate of the "essentials and skipper" packs that includes the expenses associated with chartering a sailing yacht (fuel, skipper, end cleaning, etc). Simply pay a one-time flat rate and that’s it ! Much easier to plan and budget for!! No hidden costs, no surprise at the end of the trip.


Why us

We are specialized in helping people visiting Greece to plan the dream sailing vacation in the Greek islands
"All boat expenses included" bundle - skipper, fuel, harbor/marina fees, end cleaning etc. No hidden extras! Just pay a one-time fee prior to setting sail, and that’s it!
Permanent captain on the sailboat. He knows the boat perfectly and is able to offer you the best customised and personalized experience.

What do I have to do?

Just pick your dates for your sailing vacation with captain and contact us to check for availability
If you wish, we can place a complimentary hold on your dates for a couple of days. This will give you some time for your travel arrangements - flights, ferry etc.
Done! Your yacht is reserved and your sailing holidays in the Greek islands are only one small step away!

Sailing the Greek islands

We start our sailing trips right from the heart of the Cyclades - from Paros or Mykonos
You will have fast access to some beautiful Greek islands like Naxos, Santorini, Schinoussa, Ios etc
As sailing conditions vary from area to area, some itineraries are for everybody and some for adventurous people

Our departure point for your sailing holidays to the Cyclades and the Greek islands

We start our trip from the center of the Cyclades. This means either from Paros or from Mykonos


The access to both of the islands (Mykonos and Paros) is very easy and convenient. In fact, you can easy just fly out of Athens or you can take one of the many daily ferries. Athens, Santorini and also most of the other islands in the Cyclades archipelago are connected by ferries.


The Cyclades archipelago has so much to offer! In our consideration, sailing from the heart of the archipelago will provide de best possible experience. Because of their location, starting our sailing trips from either Paros or Mykonos means that we can easily reach the neighboring islands in just one tack. Usually this means that we will rarely zigzag against the wind, trying to reach our destination.

Sailing around the Cyclades with skipper.
Rent a boat in Greece and visit the Greek islands!

Still thinking if you should rent a sailboat in Greece?
How a boat charter to the Greek islands looks like.

Some of the islands are very well known, like Mykonos and Santorini. But the Cyclades archipelago offer an amazing mix of wilderness and cosmopolitan places. Here you will find incredible architecture in Santorini and Syros. Besides that, you will mixed them with the long sandy beaches of Paros, Mykonos and Naxos, and with the wild swimming spots of Milos and Polyegos.  And let’s not forget about the beautiful tiny of-the-beaten-path islands like Schinoussa and Kimolos.


The archipelago offers and ideal sailing distance in between the islands. In other words, long enough to enjoy your sailing legs, but in the same time short enough to limit the crossing in between the islands to 2-4 hours.

This is why we sometimes alternate our regular departure and end islands (Paros and Mykonos) with departure and arrival from Athens.

Sailing the Cyclades, Greece - Frequently asked questions

Can I customize the itinerary ?

Definitely – the beauty of a sailing cruise is to experience a dream voyage tailored to your wishes. However bear in mind that sailing is about taking the wind and weather conditions into account. In fact, your captain will advice you on the best sailing route.


Also sailing conditions vary greatly across different sailing grounds. There are areas with easy to moderate sailing condition year round. But also there are areas that can sometimes can get very windy/choppy. Please feel free to ask us more details before booking if you would like to get to a specific island.


Some of the itineraries are possible even when the winds are strong. But there are also some of them that we do not  recommend when when winds are strong. This is mainly due to high sea and less sheltered places from the winds.


All in all, the key to a perfect sailing holiday is keeping flexible.

What is the embarkation time? When do we start sailing?

Usually our cruises are 7 days.  For the most part, the embarkation is on Monday 10.00 a.m and disembarkation on Sunday 04.30 pm. But upon previous agreement, other days might be arranged. Contact us to inform us of your favorite departure date.

What are the meal arrangements? What about food and drink?

Food and drink are not included in a skippered charter. This means that each day you will enjoy fantastic food and wine at friendly water-side taverns at each island.


Breakfast: it’s just a small decision of how you would feel that morning. You can either go on-shore and have breakfast and coffee. Behind the boat, in all of the Greek islands there will be many restaurants . Or if you prefer, you can make your breakfast on board.

Lunch: the best and most relaxing thing to do is to plan for a light snack on board. Most probably you will be spending the day sailing, enjoying a beautiful crystal clear water bay, swimming and sunbathing. In conclusion, there is no point to interrupt these wonderful activities in order to find a restaurant.

Dinner: the best decision would be on shore. In fact, you will have many options of traditional Greek taverns to choose from. At every place of harbor you will be spending the night you will find taverns serving delicious food. Given these points, the Greek cuisine is something that you should not miss. For example, every island has its own specialty, and yes, you have to taste them all!


The skipper will be happy to recommend a great restaurant at each place you will visit.

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