Sailing the Greek islands - Rent a sailboat and sail the Cyclades islands

Live the adventure of sailing the Greek islands! Your sailing yacht is waiting for you in Paros / Mykonos...

Is this your first vacation on a sailboat and you’re looking to get your sea legs?  We have the solution for you! Rent a sailboat starting from the Cyclades,  from Paros ( multiple daily connections from  Athens by ferry or flights and connected to all the islands in the Cyclades including Mykonos and Santorini ) . Greece has a mythical blend of  rich history, delicious cuisine, traditional fishing villages, friendly locals and unspoiled bays. The inhabited Greek islands and its hundreds of uninhabited ones are ideal destination for your next skippered yacht charter vacation.

Make a quick sail to:

Spending a week on board a sailboat is similar to glamping on the Aegean! Every day you will travel and sail between the Greek islands. You will discover and explore new places each day and at night your sailing yacht will became your floating little villa.

So get you ready for incredible experiences, amazing landscapes and spectacular sailing. Visit unspoiled islands, crystal clear waters and fantastic Mediterranean food and wine! And prepare for the mind-blowing memories on board your private sailboat!

Discover the absolute freedom and explore the world differently. Sail the Greek islands on board “Vitamin Sea” sailboat. Are you ready to sail your dream?

Let your sailing holiday in Greece begin!

Step on board Vitamin Sea, your sailing yacht and your new home for the week!

Sail and explore the Greek islands at your own pace! Relax and mix your favorite activities with a sailing vacation of your dream. Enjoy the sea, the breeze, the sailing, sunbathe, listen to your favorite music and have some cold drinks in the cockpit.

Just let us know your interests and according to the weather forecast and the number of days you have on board, we will be happy to suggest some dream destinations in the Greek islands. In other words, either the Cyclades when we will start from Paros ( sometimes Mykonos) or the Saronic if starting from Athens. This is your vacation, your sailing trip and we will make sure that you will get the best of it!


In contrast to other skippered sailboat charters in Greece and SailTime Charters is that we will always be next to you and help you plan your perfect holiday in Greece. After docking or anchoring, the skipper will give you local tips and advice you on the best spots to visit and thing to do. Also, he will assess the weather forecast every evening and suggest a plan for the your next day.

Every day of your sailing trip will be a day full of adventures, swimming and new a Greek island for you to explore. And  each day will be different than the previous one!

Feel that sense of adventure in the air and anticipate what is going to happen next!

prices 2021 greek islands deal

Price list 2023 – rates per sailboat


In order to obtain the costs of chartering a boat per person all you need to do is divide the rates below at the number of persons in your group. For example, if you are a group of 6 persons sailing for 7 days in June- the 4600 euro per boat is the equivalent of 911 euro per persons for a full week on board. On balance that’s only 109 euro per day per person for you to enjoy your private boat. Please check our price list page for a full list of prices and special offers.

Charter rate - 14 daysSeason A 1 July - 27 AugustSeason B 22 May - 30 June & 28 August - 1 OctoberSeason C 10 March - 22 May & 3 October - 13 November
Party of 3 -6 : 3 guests cabins11850106607620
Party of 7 -8 : 4 guests cabins13030117308380
10% discount on the charter rate for a party of 2 guests
Charter rate - 7 daysSeason A 1 July - 27 AugustSeason B 22 May - 30 June & 28 August - 1 OctoberSeason C 10 March - 22 May & 3 October - 13 November
Party of 3 -6 : 3 guests cabins608054703900
Party of 7 -8 : 4 guests cabins668060204300
10% discount on the charter rate for a party of 2 guests
Charter rate - 6 daysSeason A 1 July - 27 AugustSeason B 22 May - 30 June & 28 August - 1 OctoberSeason C 10 March - 22 May & 3 October - 13 November
Party of 3 -6 : 3 guests cabins565051303790
Party of 7 -8 : 4 guests cabins622056504170
10% discount on the charter rate for a party of 2 guests
Charter rate - 5 daysSeason A 1 July - 27 AugustSeason B 22 May - 30 June & 28 August - 1 OctoberSeason C 10 March - 22 May & 3 October - 13 November
Party of 3 -6 : 3 guests cabins508046503530
Party of 7 -8 : 4 guests cabins559051203890
10% discount on the charter rate for a party of 2 guests
Charter rate - 4 daysSeason A 1 July - 27 AugustSeason B 22 May - 30 June & 28 August - 1 OctoberSeason C 10 March - 22 May & 3 October - 13 November
Party of 3 -6 : 3 guests cabins436040203120
Party of 7 -8 : 4 guests cabins480044203440
10% discount on the charter rate for a party of 2 guests
Charter rate - 3 daysSeason A 1 July - 27 AugustSeason B 22 May - 30 June & 28 August - 1 OctoberSeason C 10 March - 22 May & 3 October - 13 November
Party of 3 -6 : 3 guests cabins349032402570
Party of 7 -8 : 4 guests cabins385035602820
10% discount on the charter rate for a party of 2 guests
Charter rate - 2 daysSeason A 1 July - 27 AugustSeason B 22 May - 30 June & 28 August - 1 OctoberSeason C 10 March - 22 May & 3 October - 13 November
Party of 3 -6 : 3 guests cabins248023001860
Party of 7 -8 : 4 guests cabins273025402050
10% discount on the charter rate for a party of 2 guests

Included in the charter rate (a)

accomodationAccomodation on the sailboat
Snorkeling equipmentSnorkeling equipment (mask +snorkel)
6 water noodles
Linen and towelsLinen and towels ( 1 set/week)
TaxesCharter rate VAT

Use of 1 stand up paddle board (SUP) 150euro/week FREE

Skipper and boat expenses

b) "All costs included" combo - 330 euro / day / boat. Includes:

fuel   b1) "Essentials" pack : 420 euro / week / boat. Fuel for any of the routes listed, end cleaning, cooking gas, dish-washing liquid, two dishcloths, one sponge, trash bags, toilet paper.

  b2) "Skipper" pack : 1900 euro / week / boat (includes food bonus of 200 euro/week). VAT not included - recommended to be paid on board directly to the captain.

The above packs will make it super easy to plan and budget for your sailing vacation. No hidden costs and a flat rate for the extra expenses associated with hiring a boat.

  • Professional SKIPPER
  • FUEL
  • Final cleaning, upon disembarkation, etc

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Are you worried about the cost to rent a boat in Greece? Well, we made this a worry-free sailing holiday in the Greek islands.

After surfing the web and looking at different options for your sailing vacation, you might have noticed most yacht rental are structured similarly with renting a car. The charter rate covers the price for hiring the yacht itself (just like the car rental price covers the car itself).

And all the other aspects/costs involved are on you to cover as you go. For a car that would be things like gas, toll rates. With similar structure, when you are budgeting for your sailing holidays, you will have add on top of the charter rate, the other expenses involved as they appear. The trouble with this approach is that for a yacht the total/ final price the extras add up to varies several factors. Which makes it difficult for the traveler to figure out the total price he will end up paying (an aspect that will naturally might make him worried or anxious).

For example while the rate applied for skipper services is pretty much standard for all companies (190-240 euro/day), all the others extra can range according to many factors. How much fuel you are going to use depends on how long the engine will be running – more specifically on the distance to your favorite destination and weather condition. “But won’t we be sailing most of the time-why are we discussing fuel?’ you might be wondering. Please read below the paragraph marked with **

“All cost included” combo


So we are taking a different approach. In order to avoid the hassle of having an expense account open , we have grouped everything in the : “All costs included” combo of 330 euro/day to include the expenses associated with chartering the sailing yacht (skipper, fuel, final cleaning, etc) that will guarantee worry free vacations. You won’t have to keep an expense account open. You simply pay a one-time flat rate – divided in between the members in your group prior to setting sail, and that’s it! Much easier to plan and budget for! No hidden costs, no surprise at the end of the trip.

** How much will we be sailing /motoring? Well…it all depends on the wind conditions and the distance to the next destination. So let’s take for example a sail from Mykonos to the port of Paroikia in Paros that is 28 nautical miles apart (a good average).

  • In favorable weather conditions a sailboat is perfectly capable of reaching a destination powered only by sails. With a good wind speed (10-12 knots or more) a sailboat would be a moving with a regular speed around 7 miles/hour. Thus, assuming a proper breeze, you would be covering the 28 nautical miles distance in about 4 hours.
  • But when winds are very mild or from an un-proper direction, the speed a sailboat can reach just on sail power can drop significantly – even as low as 2-3 miles/hour. As a result, if you try to save fuel and move just on sails, you would be covering the same distance in 9-10 hours (no time left for swimming or exploring the island you are heading to). This is when the engine is one’s best friend! Is helping to go up to the regular speed of 7 knots so you reach the destination you wish, the day you wish in a reasonable time. This is an especially important aspect for many of our guests as soon as they realize a regular day on board is divided in several parts (the 3-5 hours travel time to the next destination, the 1-3 hours stop for a swim, the late afternoon/evening for exploring the islands you reach, on-shore activities, exploring the villages and dinner).
  • With a 4 hours travel there’s time to mix all these in a single day.

Our base is in Paros island and this is where embarkation / disembarkation typically takes place.

Paros has multiple connections daily to the islands in the Cyclades ( including Mykonos and Santorini) as well as many daily flights and ferries connecting it to Athens.

Alternatively Mykonos embarkation / disembarkation can might sometimes be arranged upon previous agreement befor.


Upon previous arrangements a pick-up or drop-off at a different island in the Cyclades ( Santorini, Milos, Naxos, Sifnos, etc) might be arranged

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A one-way fee applies in order to cover the cost of the sailboat traveling empty from the base/regular embarkation point (at Paros) to the pick up point of your choice. The one way fee covers the costs as skipper, fuel and  the charter rate for the day/s when it cannot be chartered as it will be traveling to the island you might to embark at).
Thus the one way fee depends on the distance to the destination chosen and can vary from 450 euro to 1450 euro.
Please contact us for more details and a quote.

Destinations – Itineraries

We are starting our trips either from the heart of the Cyclades, from Paros (alternatively  Mykonos) or from Athens.

“What is the advantage of starting at Paros in the center of the Aegean archipelago”? This will give you the possibility of visiting amazing places like Paros, Naxos, Mykonos, Santorini, Schinousa or even Serifos, Sifnos, Milos and Kimolos  and many others. In short, every day a new destination!

What is the advantage of traveling between the Greek islands on board your private sailboat? Well, you have the possibility to stop in a bay and enjoy a few hours swimming, paddle boarding, snorkeling, sunbathing and relaxing, visit a different island every day without having to pack and unpack nor find hotels and transportation in between islands and having varied itinerary from off-the-beaten path places to cosmopolitan islands.

By sailing the Greek islands on board your private boat, you will have an incredible experience and a perfect mix of islands. Obviously there are so many different and unique places. Some of the islands are famous for their parties, like Mykonos and Ios. Some of them for their spectacular views, like Santorini. Others are famous for hiking, like NaxosSifnos. Other islands are renowned for their incredible swimming spots, like MilosPolyegos and so on.

No matter what itinerary you will choose, we guarantee the  holiday of your dreams. Maybe you prefer cosmopolitan places (Mykonos, Paros) or amazing architecture (Santorini, Syros).  Or you may like of-the-beaten path islands (Schinoussa, Kimolos) or astonishing coves (Milos, Polyegos). In all cases, we will adapt everything to your desires according to your wishes and the weather conditions !

mykonos sail the greek islands rent a boat
santorini rent a sailboat sail the greek islands

Let’s explore the Greek islands !

Greece is the best place for vacations! And this is why the Greek islands have so much to offer. There are literally a dozen of activities to do every day :

  • Relax and take in the wonderful harbor-town.
  • Wander the narrow streets and cobbled alleys.
  • Enjoy local specialties at water-front taverns.
  • Visit and explore ancient ruins and temples.
  • Take the challenge and go for a hike.
  • Hire a car or moped and explore the inland.
  • Shop or mingle with the locals.
the greek islands with skipper in cyclades santorini
vitamin sea your sailin yacht with skipper
sailboat vitamin sea sailing cylades

Meal arrangements

It’s up to you to decide what and how you would like to have your meals.-there are always several options available when sailing the Greek islands.

You can go on shore and enjoy the local cuisine or you can cook on the boat. The sailboat is equipped with a fridge, gas cooker and a fully equipped galley.

Breakfast: it’s just a quick decision of how you would feel that morning. You can prepare something on board or eat some delicious pies from the bakery or you can go on-shore for breakfast and coffee.

Lunch: the easiest is to plan for a light snack on board. Most probably you will be spending the day sailing, enjoying a beautiful crystal clear water bay, swimming and sunbathing. In conclusion, there is no point to interrupt these wonderful activities in order to find a restaurant.

Dinner: the best decision would be on shore. You will have many options of traditional Greek taverns to choose from. At every place you will be spending the night you will find taverns serving delicious food. And of course, the Greek cuisine is something that you should not miss. Every island has its own specialty, and yes, you’ll want to taste them all!

rent a sailboat in the greek islands and experince the cuisine
greek islands cuisine sailboat rental

Yacht charter in the Greek islands- our advice:

The more flexible you are the more you are going to enjoy your sailing trip . Our advice would be not to set your mind on a specific itinerary. Notably in the Cyclades, the possibilities are countless. By looking at a map or by reading a travel magazine you might not truly understand which option will offer the best experience and which part of life on board a yacht you’ll enjoy most. So, let the Greek islands amaze you! The skipper will be happy to help with ideas and suggestions . And  after the first 1-2 days on board, you will have a more clear idea what you would like to center your sailing vacation and exploring the islands around  .

Just arrive in Greece with an opened mind! In short, get ready to take in the landscapes of wild beauty, authentic villages, many alternative activities and charming family-run taverns. Contact us for more details.

Why visit Greece and why sailing the Greek islands?

A sailing holiday is perfect way to experience the Greek islands.

Generally speaking, the Greek archipelago is one of the biggest playgrounds! Here sailors and first time adventures are meeting to play with the winds of the Aegean.

There are different sailing area in Greece, each of them consisting in a group of inhabited and uninhabited islands.

boat rental in the greek islands best vacations

The Ionian islands are situated in on the west coast. They are scattered of mainland Greece and to the South of the Peloponnese peninsula.

The Sporades islands are located somewhere Northwestern side of the Aegean.

The Dodecanese islands consists on the group located in the Southeastern edge of the Aegean. They are located close to the coast of Turkey.

The Cyclades islands are the place from which we usually start our sailing vacations. Altogether they are the most famous group in the Aegean Sea, compromising of the most beautiful islands in the world! This is the place of gorgeous sandy beaches, the white washed houses with colorful windows , little churches with blue domes and traditional lifestyle. And starting in the center of the Cyclades -at our Paros base- during one week on board you reach  5 of the 20 best destinations described at best Greek islands to visit in 2021.

Definitely sailing the Greek islands is the experience that everybody should enjoy at least once in a lifetime!

How does the yacht charter in Greece and sailing the Greek islands works?

∇  Below you can get an idea of how your sailing vacation could look like. ∇

Skippered sailing holidays in Greece
and private yacht charter vacations

Sailing holidays in the Greek islands
how your sailing vacations could look like

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