Sailing vacations in Greece- Details

LIVE the thrill of adventure at sea! Your sailing yacht awaits ...

Whether this is your first time on a boat and you’re looking to find your sea legs or you’re an experienced seaman that knows the ropes, a sailing vacation in Greece is the trip of a lifetime. With a mythical blend of  rich history, delicious cuisine, traditional fishing villages, friendly locals, unspoiled bays Greece and its hundreds of islands is the ideal destination for your next  (or first) yacht charter

A week on board is similar to … glamping on the Aegean! You will sleep on the sailing yacht each night and use it to explore new gorgeous places every day.

So are you ready for incredible experiences, dramatic landscapes, spectacular sailing, unspoiled islands , fantastic local food and wine and  mind-blowing memories?

Discover the absolute freedom and explore the world differently … on board “Vitamin Sea” sailboat. Are you ready to sail your dream?

Yes, but…how does it work?

  Below you can get an exact idea of what your sailing vacation can look like. 

Let the fun begin! Step on board your sailing yacht… your new home for the week!  After a quick presentation of the boat, you will have the chance to discuss the itinerary with the skipper/captain. He will summarize the route options according to your interests and weather forecast and will be happy to suggest dream destinations off the beaten path.

In less than an hour after your first steps on board, you will be at sea heading to your first destination – Aegina island is only two and a half hours away while other islands like Kea or Poros islands are about 5 hours away. Till there..enjoy the sea, the breeze, sunbathe, your favorite music and have some cold drinks in the cockpit. Shall you wish, on the way you can even stop in a bay/cove for a refreshing swim and jumping off the boat. In the afternoon you will arrive at your first destination.

After docking or anchoring, the skipper will assess the weather forecast for the next day and depending on wind conditions he will suggest a plan for the next day. This is great as each  day can be different from the last, with that sense of adventure in the air, anticipating what is going to happen next.

And then the exploring begins: take in the wonderful harbor-town, wander the narrow streets, enjoy local specialties at water-front restaurants, visit ancient ruins and temples, go for a hike, hire a car or moped and explore the inland, shop, mingle with the locals … do whatever you feel like. Have the best dinner of your life while enjoying the sunset … Later in the evening decide if you want to try the nightlife heading to a bar or club (beware of the Ouzo :) )  or you’d rather enjoy your  drink in the yacht’s cockpit while people-watching . After that … have a peaceful night letting the gentle sound of the water lulls you to sleep …. The first day of your sailing vacation might be over, but there is much more fun and adventure waiting the next days.

Breakfast-time. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to go on-shore and have breakfast and coffee at one of the many restaurants ( when at the dock they are right behind the boat) or you’d prefer to fix something quick on board.

As soon as you’re ready, get out at sea heading to new destinations. After a while, stop in a bay to  enjoy a few hours swimming, paddle boarding,  snorkeling . Or you may prefer to relax with your book or work on that tan.

Around early afternoon arrive at your destination so you have time to explore the place and enjoy everything it has to offer.   After docking, there is time to walk around, head to a beach ( sunbeds, umbrellas and cocktails are waiting for you..). The more active will probably decide to do a 1-2 hours bike tour or hire a quad/car to explore the inland and site around the island. Or maybe you decide to sign in for some water-sports

Day 3, 4 ,5, 6

More places to explore, more delicious meals, more swimming, more relaxation.

Day 7

Breakfast, stop in a bay/cove or at an ancient site, arrive in Athens around 05.00- 5.30 pm. We can arrange for a taxi to wait for you to take you to the hotel/airport or to wherever the next adventure will take you !

   Your sailing vacation might be over for now but we are sure you’ll be back next years to explore more destinations.

Our advice:

The more flexible you are the more you are going to enjoy your trip. It’s best not to set your mind on a specific itinerary. Just by looking at a map or reading a travel magazine you can’t truly understand what you will enjoy more from life on board. But after the first 1-2 days on board, if will be very clear what you like most and what you’d like to center your holiday around ( it might be sailing, or swimming, or having extra time to hang out in a bay or exploring the islands).

Just arrive with an opened mind and ready to take in the landscapes of wild beauty, authentic villages, many alternative activities and charming family-run taverns .